Dell and IBM servers with the latest Intel Xeon chips E5

Dell and IBM announced yesterday the availability of servers incorporating the latest chips from Intel Xeon E5. These will provide faster throughput and improved memory access and allow processing of more complex workloads, while reducing costs.

The availability of these servers was announced along with the chips of Intel Xeon servers E5 for customers who want to reduce the energy cost of their systems. Especially, these chips are building capacity to manage treatment more operations in the Web, in databases and analytics. “In addition to being faster and more energy efficient, the new Intel Xeon chips are compatible with technologies allowing servers to faster access to data, including high performance processing,” said IBM and Dell. The servers are denser and more also have memory slots than their predecessors. This allows databases to work more effectively with workloads in memory largest. The servers also include new technologies and network bus that improve the bandwidth, a valuable feature that enables rapid deployment of a higher number of virtual machines. Adding a PCI-Express 3.0 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet at the motherboard improves data throughput in servers and allows a faster data transfer.

Chips for servers and dual-socket quad

Xeon chips for servers E5 4600 four-socket and chip E5 2400 for two-socket servers are based on Intel’s Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, while the Xeon chips E3 1200 V2 are based on the platform and aim Ivy Bridge the microserveurs, these low energy servers for web applications and cloud. “The PowerEdge M820 blade server from Dell incorporates chips E5 4600 and has 50% more memory slots, for a maximum of 1.5 TB of RAM,” said the builder. Regarding the server blade entry-level M420, running applications earn 25% more performance compared to the prior server model, in terms for example of collaborative tasks, database or virtualization in environments medium.

“The energy consumption of new Dell servers is equivalent to that of the previous generation, but customers will enjoy better performance per watt consumed,” said Dell. For example, the PowerEdge R820 rack server equipped with a chip wins 43% E5 4600 speed compared to the generation of PowerEdge R710 previous Intel processors equivalents. “Winning is important for customers who want to reduce their energy consumption and related costs,” added the Texan manufacturer. “The new server from Dell R820 rack supports up to 32 virtual machines in the same 2U rack space compared to the previous PowerEdge R710, which stand up to 6 virtual machines,” said Dell. The machine saves up to 200% in performance in the treatment or Java middleware tasks.

More compact, but with more memory

“Servers in tower PowerEdge T420 and T320 from Dell are more compact than their predecessors, but they have more memory and more storage,” also said the builder. The T420 can be up to 33 additional processor cores, 50% more memory slots and sees its internal storage capacity increased by 166%, which allows processing of larger data sets. The dual-socket server T420 comes with 2400 processors and supports up to E5 192 GB of memory. Most of these PowerEdge servers are available from Monday, but Dell has so far refused to disclose the price. The M820 blade server will be available this summer, but again, Dell would not give a release date for its final product.

IBM announced a server rack System x3750 four-socket, integrating processors E5 4600. This machine was designed to handle heavy workload in databases and analytics. According to IBM, the entry model BladeCenter HS23E, incorporating the latest Intel chip, “can be deployed in minutes.” Big Blue’s offer also includes FlexSystem x220, an entry level machine for the virtualization, messaging and collaboration. The FlexSystem may be associated with the greater range of preconfigured servers PureSystem, unveiled last month. HS23E BladeCenter and System x3750 available respectively on 4 June and 12 July next, as indicated by IBM. But the manufacturer has not unveiled the price of these servers.